Lead singer. He´s a true romantic who can be trusted never to sing a song the same way twice. Prefers black, and when the others tell him to wear white on stage, to really stand out, he says he already does!

Real name: Sven Ingemar Vilhelm Köhler
Date of birth: 6:th of April 1962
Place of Birth: Lund
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 83 kg
Colour of eyes: Blue
Colour of hair: Dark brown, sometimes black

Parents/brothers & sisters: Eva-Mari & Lennart/ Marie & Annika
Family: Wife Sanna & we have three grown-up kids; Fanny, Iona, Mattis and three cats. I'm also grandfather to Elliot & Elvira!
Educated: M.D., University of Lund. Specialist in Clinical Neurophysiology & Intraoperative Neurophysiology IONM
Instruments played: Vocals, harmonica, tambourine, maracas - and some saxophone, some didjeridoo and sometimes I treat the Theremin nice
Previous musical engagements: The Sinners, singer & songwriter on 4 albums,
12 singles and videos - check them out!
Age entered show business: 5
First public appearance: Weddingsinger at the age of 5
Biggest break in career: Studying medicine
Former occupation: Taxi driver, model, doctor
Hobbies: Running. Esperanto & some scootering
Favourite colour: Black
Tastes in girls: Sanna & the Scootergirls
Favourite foods: Veggie and vegan
Favourite drinks: Biero
Taste in clothes: Black velvet suit

Favourite cars: Prefer my bicycle
Favourite actors/actresses: Alexander Skarsgård/ Anna Paquin
Favourite film: Searching For Sugar Man
Taste in music: Rock and Northern Soul
Favourite singers: Aretha Franklin, Lee Dorsey, Robert Jelinek
Favourite instrumentalists: Ola Främby, Olof Wallberg, Mattias Pedersen
Favourite composers: Arthur Alexander, Sam Cooke
Favourite band: Mersey, The Rolling Stones
Likes: Shaking, spinning and singing
Dislikes: Death & parking tickets
Personal ambition: Stay pretty
Most thrilling experience: Doing the Whippersnapper

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