Bass player and backup singer. A perfectionist, with keen attention to detail as well as to the full picture. Loves contrasts, checks and stripes, and socks are plain white of course.

Real name: Björn Ola Främby
Date of birth: 8:th of September 1965
Place of Birth: Lund
Height: Medium
Weight: No
Colour of eyes: Blue
Colour of hair: Gold

Parents/brothers & sisters: Kerstin, Thomas & Håkan/ Lisa & Stina
Family: Marie & two kids, Mimi & Leo.
Educated: Central Grammar School, Staffanstorp
Instruments played: Electric bass-guitar, guitar, hand-claps
Previous musical engagements: The Cripples (guitar) and The Girls (guitar)
Age entered show business: 9
First public appearance: Same, playing the tuba in the school brass band
Biggest break in career: When Sven finally said yes to sing with us
Former occupation: Marine archaeologist
Hobbies: Ship modelling, dancing
Favourite colour: Two-tone, dog-tooth
Tastes in girls: Marie & the Surfergirls
Favourite foods: Blues, purple hearts
Favourite drinks: Pernod
Taste in clothes: Ben Sherman, Harris, Harrington, Seersuckers, boaters

Favourite cars: MG TD, Schwimmwagen
Favourite actors/actresses: The Beatles/ Mae Busch
Favourite film: Prisoner, Onedin Line (Tv-seres), Cakewalking Babies From Home
Taste in music: Southern Rhythm Section, R&B, Atlantic, Motown, Parlophone
Favourite singers: Arthur Alexander, Dee Clarke, Willie Tee
Favourite instrumentalists: Norbert Putnam, Franny Beecher, Niklas Kilenstam
Favourite composers: Arthur L Benjamin
Favourite band: Dan Penn & The Pallbeaners
Likes: Lazy days, scootering
Dislikes: Smartalecs, B-5
Personal ambition: To be rich and famous
Most thrilling experience: Flying an aeroplane

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