The Men Beachparty

The Men - promotional video for Australian release of the self titled debut-album. Released by Pure Pop records in 2003.

The Men @ Aerosol Grey Machine
Studios recording "Return"

The Men in the recording studio Aerosol with producer Christoffer Lunquist recording tracks for Return. Released by Playground Music Scandinavia sept 2006.

The Men - Live -
All I Need Is Your Love

Live on Swedish television, sept 2006

The Men -
Four Good Men and True

Studio recordings of a new album to be released in 2009. Produced by Christoffer Lundquist in AGM studios Vallarum Sweden. Song by O Främby/
S Köhler/ J Kilenstam/ N Kilenstam. Film by S Köhler and J Kilenstam.

The Men - Pack Up Your Memories

This is the first single from the third The Men-album "Four Good Men And True" released by Heptown Records in February 2010. Video filmed and cut by photographer Nils Bergendal and light and shadows by Martin Berglund.

The Men - Time To Cry

New video from the album "The Men - Four Good Men and True".
Filmed and cut by photographer Nils Bergendal and light by Martin Berglund. Relased Feb 2011.

The Men - Leaving Fairview Park

Video and single from the album Four Good Men And True, released in October 2010. Filmed by Joakim Kilenstam at Kulturen, Lund

The Men Live @ Music Hall Worpswede, Germany.

Pics from the gig at Music Hall Worpswede and the Bear Family Records
35-year-anniversary party -2011. Music: The Men "Goodbye Before Too Late".
Photo: Mats Liljegren.

The Men - St Kilda Beach

In 2011 THE MEN from Sweden went to Australia for a festival gig and also played in the Pure Pop Records store, and hung around on the clubs and bars around St Kilda, Melbourne. With its relentless riff and honking sax, St Kilda Beach became the band's tribute to the area's laid-back and inviting atmosphere.First single from new THE MEN-album 'This Way' Sept 2013! Guest star: Sven Andersson on saxophone.

The Men - Drömmen om Liverpool

In May 2015 THE MEN went to Liverpool for four gigs at the IPO-festival at The Cavern Club and The Cavern Pub. Heimo Åback and Mattis Köhler Alvén made this documentary about the tour. In Swedish, no subtitles.

The Men - Cool Jerks at The Cavern 2015

Filmed by Heimo Åback and Mattis Köhler Alvén. Edited by Olof Wallberg

The Men - Heartaches & Headaches

Live video and studio soundtrack filmed at the releaseparty for "This Way". Video shot and produced by Lars Hansson, at Restaurang Stortorget, Lund.

The Men - Brother

First video from the fifth album "Sunburst". Video shot and edited by Heimo Åback at location in the U3 submarine in Malmö and spent 10 weeks at Swedish videotoplist "Musikvideotoppen" - 2 weeks as no 1!

The Men - Love Hurts So Good

Second video from the fifth album "Sunburst". This video too was filmed & edited by Heimo Åback at the Kulturen Museum in Lund

The Men - Live at The Troubadour in London, February 2018

Great night with the coolest crowd. Video shot and produced by Heimo Åback.

The Men - "All Together Now" Live with Brainpool & Hedda Hatar

Club Sapanåneh at AF Lund, Conferencier Magnus Thomson. Filmed & edited by Heimo Åback.

The Men - If I Can't Have You - Live

Live at The Cavern Club, May 2018. Filmed & edited by Heimo Åback.

The Men - Roadtrip to Småland

"Pack Up Your Memories". Live at TSOMD-festival, Hotell Hulingen, Hultsfred. Filmed by Heimo Åback.

The Men - Just A Few Million Miles To....Madrid

"Just A Few Million Miles To Go". Come Alive Tour to Fun House Club, May 2019. Filmed by Heimo Åback.

The recordings of Sesa Rekordo - a music documetary

Filmed and edited by Heimo Åback.

The Men - Kalamazoo Knabino - Lyrics in Esperanto

"1st single from "Sesa Rekordo" Lyricsvideo by The Men

The Men - Ça Ira. Video by Heimo Åback

"2nd single from "Sesa Rekordo" 2021 Filmed by Heimo Åback at Yla Studios.

The Men - Instrumental Breakdown. Video by Lars Hansson.

The Men - Riverburn. Video by Heimo Åback

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