Drummer. According to himself not so much a technical drummer - plays the kit more by heart. “My bandmates and the audience inspires me to groove or not - luckily I’m with a great band, both as fellow musicians and personalities, and the audience seems to follow that quite alright”.

Real name: Paul Mattias Pedersen
Date of birth: 2nd September 1971
Place of Birth: Malmö
Height: Height: 10 cm shorter than Sven
Weight: Weight: 5 kg lighter than Sven
Colour of eyes: Brown
Colour of hair: Brown

Parents/brothers & sisters: Not sure - one day I just found myself wandering the surface of earth
Family: My dog Affe
Educated: MI (Music college in Los Angeles), Fil. kand. environmental science (Malmö university)
Instruments played: Drums, and some guitar. Is also a recording tech in my own studio.
Previous musical engagements: Liberator a.o.
Age entered show business: 15
First public appearance: Concert at school in 9th grade.
Biggest break in career: Study music in LA, USA, graphic design school, drummer for Liberator, house drummer at YLA Studios, drummer for The Men, environmental studies, sociology studies.
Former occupation: Graphic designer
Hobbies: Gym, hiking with my dog, my motorcycle, fixing my house.
Favourite colour: Black and green
Tastes in girls: I especially find the independent, down to earth, and really clever ones interesting.
Favourite foods: Sallads, asian food, and really good home cooking.
Favourite drinks: Single malt whisky
Taste in clothes: Outdoor pants, jeans, and t-shirt, and sturdy shoes. Dressed up - Ben Sherman and Clarks.

Favourite cars: Prefer vintage design like Triumph 10/20 to Triumph Spitfire.
Favourite actors/actresses: Robert De Niro, Jack Nicholson, Steve Buscemi, Cillian Murphy, James Arness a.o.
Favourite film: Anything with David Attenborough.
Taste in music: Retro blues rock and ska; alternative americana, electronica, heavy metal like Iron Maiden, classical etc
Favourite singers: Howlin’ Wolf, Johnny Cash, (Chester Arthur Burnett), Sven Köhler, Robert Ylipää (Liberator).
Favourite instrumentalists: Ola Främby, Olof Wallberg, Sven Köhler, Amir Aly, Jörgen Larsson-Lindström, Pelle Jernryd.
Favourite composers: T-Bone Brunette (producer), Serge Gainsborough
Favourite band: Iron Maiden, Beatles, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Kinks, The Who The Band, I’m With Her, Calexico etc etc.
Likes: Chilling, traveling and hanging out with my bandmates, hiking.
Dislikes: Bad decisions
Personal ambition: Be kind, determined, and healthy.
Most thrilling experience: There are a few - one is perhaps chasing a burglar right into the arms of a police officer, and after that get praised by two lady cops.

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