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Having released sweat soaked party albums like ”The Men” (2002), ”Return” (2006), ”Four Good Men And True” (2010), ”This Way” (2013) and the live EP "At The Cavern" (2016) and their first 'headphone album' "Sunburst (2017) filled to the brim with new details to discover and sounds to devour. Now The Men continue their musical journey with their sixth album "Sesa Recordo" released as CD only in December 2021 - the first single out was "Kalamazoo Knabino" - a song about Olof's first electric guitar, made in the original Gibson factory in Kalamazoo, MI. Lyrics in Esperanto. The 2nd single "Ça Ira"- partly in french is a personal revolutionary song about breaking up, moving on. The 3rd single "Riverburn" was also released before the album. Video out now filmed at location Blå Båten, Malmö. The 4th single was the piano ballad "Instrumental Breakdown" that also came with a great video. The whole album was finally released digitally in September 2022 and then available on all streaming platforms and download sites worldwide, by CD BABY distribution.The CD still being sold by a few record stores in Sweden and by Hot Stuff Records' worldwide mailorder.

Year Of Release: 2021/22
Cover by: Petter Lönegård
Recorded and mixed by: Amir Aly
Record Label: TMI

Track listing

01 - Make Everything Great Again
02 - Another Little Sharper
03 - Kalamazoo Knabino
04 - Vranyo Lullaby
05 - Easy Rolling
06 - Instrumental Breakdown
07 - Look No More
08 - I Believe In You
09 - Ça Ira
10 - Skin Deep
11 - Riverburn
12 - Never Go Away


All songs by The Men. Recorded by Amir Aly at the new Yla Studios, Åkarp. Sweden 2020-21

Sound bites


"Sesa Rekordo"Updated soon" -Updated soon(Sweden)

"Updated soon"
-Updated soon (Sweden)

"Updated soon"
-Håkan Engström, Sydsvenskan.(Sweden)

"Updated soon"
-Updated soon (Sweden)

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