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After a long wait, the final piece in the puzzle of making the next album is in its place. THE MEN wanted the songs, sound, feel and look of it to be just
THIS WAY! It's an album with the same energy you've come to expect, but with more depth and clarity in both sound and content, and the band is rightfully proud of it.
The first half of the album is a kind of "travel special", with songs inspired by the trips they've made -that universal feeling of leaving the cold for the sun (and the fun). THIS WAY comes in a lavishly extravagant sleeve, with pictures of the band (and other assorted historical figures) as custom made 28mm tin miniatures in a diorama on the front and back, and a colourful booklet with lyrics and holiday-snaps inside.

Year Of Release: 2013
Cover by: Ola Främby, Fanny Köhler-Alvén & Henki van den Born
Produced by: The Men
Engineered by: Amir Aly, Yla Studios, Malmö
Record Label: TMI

Track listing

01 - If Tomorrow Comes
02 - St Kilda Beach
03 - Looking For Swedish Men
04 - Mr BBQ
05 - My New Black Sailing Shoes
06 - All Time High
07 - Heartaches & Headaches
08 - Anyone Will Do
09 - Back To Square One
10 - Get Out
11 - Don´t
12 - Dreams In Colour
13 - Nobody Talk!


Since their standing producer, Christoffer Lundquist, opted to go away on a perpetual world tour with Roxette, THE MEN decided to shop around for another studio to record in. They immediately fell for the renowned Yla Studios in Malmö. The band wanted the sound on the next album to be loud and organic, and to take care that each instrument should be predominant and have its very own character. Studio-owner Amir Aly somehow understood what they were rambling about and enthusiastically spent hours with soundchecks, microphone-tests and positioning, to get it all just so.
When it finally came down to actual recording, the tracks where laid down in live-takes, all together in the same room, as always. They also invited special guests for some of the numbers: Sven Andersson brought his sax to "St. Kilda Beach", and Isabella Köhler Alvén sang lead on "Don't". Then, with 13 tracks completed and mixed, it was all sent off to Cutting Room in Stockholm for mastering by Anders "Limpan" Lindfors - the man with the acutest pair of ears in Sweden.

Sound bites

06 - All Time High
07 - Heartaches & Hadaches
08 - Anyone Will Do


St Kilda Beach - Released 2013

If Tomorrow Comes - Released 2014

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"This year’s best!" -RUNE HÄGER (Sweden)

"Then you need good songs, or better still, hits. That is also no problem since The Men have plenty in store. A successful album through and through."
-OX-FANZINE (Deutschland)

"This Way’ is contemporary, without being too clinical and sixties-sounding without being too contrived. It’s a very tidy LP indeed!"

"Unmistakable energy and cheeky attitude make THIS WAY a rather inviting acquaintance." -GAFFA (Denmark)

"13 tracks of high quality! The Men don’t do Swedish light-weight pop, their power is greater than that." -HALLANDSPOSTEN (Sweden)

"Transgressing musical borders, swinging from completely fantastic music to the purely unfathomable. I don’t mean in a trying, but in an exciting and varied way, with a new angle to nearly every track."

"An eclectic disc, rich in shades and textures!" -RUTA 66 (España)

"The Men create joyful, experimental, explosive and timeless rock’n’roll!
They do it with passion and personality. And it sounds just the way that I want it to!" -POPGENI (Sweden)

"Very much a strong contender for a top three placing in my albums of the year. The Men are really the men!" -SUSSED MAGAZINE (Ireland)

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